Project Review Deadlines

Project proposal form

The CBCS project proposal form can be found here.

How do I submit a project proposal to CBCS?

CBCS accepts proposals for collaborative projects from researchers active at all Swedish academic institutions.  A collaboration usually starts in the form of an informal meeting between the research group and a representative from CBCS.  The objective of this meeting is to introduce the project in general and to evaluate the terms of the collaboration, resource requirements/availability (from both parties), timelines, strategies etc.

If all parties decide that a collaboration would be fruitful, the research group is asked to submit a formal project proposal to be presented to an independent Project Review Committee (PRC).  The PRC meets biannually and assists CBCS in prioritisation of incoming projects based on project proposals.


Checklist for submission of a proposal

  • Contact a CBCS representative to set up a meeting to discuss your project.

  • Fill in the Project Proposal form.

  • At the latest 24h before submission deadline, send an e-mail to: application.cbcs(at) for temporary login details to the database for uploading of application.

  • Upload the application in due time.

  • After submission deadline, you will be given a CBCS contact person that will assist you in the continuing process.

Project Proposals are evaluated by PRC based on:

  1. Overall Scientific Rational and Impact

  2. Importance of CBCS efforts in the project

  3. Availability of (or validated plans for) secondary assays and test models

  4. Plans for validation of developed molecules

  5. Technical feasibility

  6. Resource requirements

  7. Publication strategy

CBCS resources are limited and thus we are sometimes forced to decline involvement in proposals.