Open Access Facilities

CBCS houses a number of instruments - depending on availability- , which are available for use through our open-access policy.  Below is an overview of the assets available at our facilities in CBCS KI. Within our Open Access policy, limited personnel advice/training is included. The Screening lab for trained persons 4000 SEK/day. The Organic Chemistry Lab  15 000 SEK/month. At CBCS Umeå we have liquid handlers, plate readers and an automated high content screening microscope that after training can be accessed for a minor cost through an instrument user club.

Laboratory facilities

LCBKI can offer short- and long-term access to organic synthesis labs, instrumentation and equipment.


NMR facility

Supershielded Bruker DPX 400MHZ multiprobe NMR with autosampler.

Preparatory HPLC

Gilson systems preparative HPLC systems with multiple columns and methods.


Analytical HPLC-MS

Agilent/HP 1100 HPLC-MS systems with multiple columns and methods.

celllab equipment.png

Cell- and Molecular Biology equipment

Equipment for general molecular biology and biochemistry including incubators and capacity to work with eukaryotic cells as well as bacteria, funghi and viruses. Screening can be performed at bio-safety level 2.


Automated Liquid handling platform

The Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid handling robot is an industry-leading automated pipette performance for sample handling and liquid-transfer applications, coupled to a BenchCel Workstation and a PlateLoc thermal microplate sealer  .

liquid handling.png

Liquid handling equipment

Multidrop and Flexdrop systems for the automatic dispensing of liquids to 96/384 well plates in nL to µL range.


Automated plate washing

The Tecan HydroSpeed™ plate washer allows for parallel washing of entire 96- and 384-well plates and control of wash power to gain uniform results.


Multiplate reader

Perkin Elmer EnVision or Victor multi-mode plate readers equipped with filters for absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence.


High-content screening equipment

Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro fluorescent microscopes is integrated with a Cytomat cell culture incubator for continuous live cell imaging.